Background of the Studio & Photographer

About the Studio

When Established

The Studio was originally established on the 1st of June 1999 in the City Centre Arcade in Nelson.
I need to give a special thanks to Peter Wise who very generously gave alot of his time, experience, and advice in helping set up the studio.

About the Studio

We use only the highest quality lenses and camera equipment (Such as the fastest digital SLR model in the world, and the fastest and sharpest lenses available on the market).
We use an extensive range of cameras, lenses, and equipment. Both studio and portable lighting.
For piece of mind we have at least two of everything for events such as Weddings.
We offer complete in-house image creation from camera to print, or to commercial prepress.

Continually updating equipment and training in all areas of image creation from camera to print, has meant we have been able to provide the best possible image quality combined with artistic expertise.

About PhotoFX - (The digital processing services we provide)

Embraced digital as a professional photographic tool back in 1999 for in house use, and then also offered the services of film scanning, digital printing and image enhancement for other photographers, labs, and general public under the brand "PhotoFX" well before the the local labs.

- First business in Nelson providing true digital photographic printing services. (digital onto silver halide paper).
- First photographer in Nelson providing images from film onto CD.
- First photographer in Nelson to provide the option of digital as well as film as a format for Weddings or Commercial work.

We also operate our own in-house webserver, and website, thus enabling extensive and continually updated display of images from events and weddings. The website displays over 100,000 images, ranging from
Conferences, Sporting Events, Variety Bashes, to Weddings to list just a few of the categories.

The and is quite possibly New Zealands largest and most viewed individual photographers website and gallery.

About the photographer

Originally Trained at Massey University in Palmerston North and was introduced to Photography whilst studying for a Bachelor of Technology in Product Development.
Thus trained with studio and film based photographic equipment for recording of products development cycle.

Studied Graphic Design and Image Composition at Wanganui Polytechnic as part of the degree course.
Use of Adobe Photoshop and my first experience of a digital camera was back in 1995.

Photography whilst a student was also passion and oulet outside of study.
Keen involvement with the Palmerston North Photographic Society activities, competitions and commitee. Photographic workshops and courses with local professional photographers.

Tim Skinner - Fulltime Professional Photographer.
Tim has been a fulltime Professional Photographer since 1998, orginally as photographer and business partner of the "Photo News" magazine during 1998 & 1999. Then established his studio in Nelson im 1999.
Initially using solely 35mm and Medium Format negative film for Wedding & Portraiture and 35mm & Medium format transparency for commercial work.
Tim embraced digital as another professional photographic tool back in 1999, and was the first in Nelson as an independent professional photographer and one of the first in NZ to do so.

Tim Skinner when he is not photographing.

There is not often that I am not in my Studio or out on location with my photographic equipment or working on my computer (digital darkroom) sorting images, digitally retouching, printing, or updating my website and web server.
I enjoy playing local competitve soccer, for Nelson United, the odd running race, and general outdoor activities.
I have a wife Kirsty and two kids Ethan 4, and Caleb 2


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