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Creating the Images

As an artist and photographer I have a huge passion for creating unique wedding images, that reflect the emotions and personalities of the wedding day.

One of my most satisfying and enjoyable aspects of being a photographer is the fun interaction with individuals and families during a wedding. This I believe is strongly evident in the images created. Thus instead of just a lovely record of an event, you receive photos where each individual image tells a story on its own. And a complete set of images showing your special day shared with the ones you love,
that will give a lifetime of pleasure. Images that all your family and friends can enjoy.

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Choosing a fulltime Professional
When planning a wedding, photographs are one area you should not shortcut on.

Don't rely on the recording of your special day by an amateur or well meaning friend, or those who claim to be professionals but have little experience or haven't even taken their profession or clients serious enough to invest in the correct professional equipment to capture the best possible results you deserve.

A good wedding photographer is also someone who can communicate and relate well to the people around them in all circumstances, not loud or demanding (an unfortunate occurrance with some photographers who get stressed on the day).

With 13 years experience as a fulltime photographer and use of only the finest professional equipment available, we are one of NZ's most technologically advanced photography services.

By Continually updating equipment and training in all areas of image creation from camera to print, has meant we have been able to provide the best possible image quality combined with artistic expertise.

About the Photographer & Studio

Technical Expertise

We use only the highest quality professional camera bodies, lenses, and lighting equipment. Both studio and portable. In fact two of everything for complete peace of mind.

All our lenses are L series, f2.8 usm canon lenses, which are the fastest focusing lenses in the world and some of the sharpest and highest resolving power of any lenses available, designed specifically for high-end professional use.

Combined with Canon's flagship professional camera bodies such as the full frame, 21 megapixel EOS 1ds mk3 (the most advanced digital SLR in the world available). You can be assured the images you recieve will be the sharpest, most detailed, with the highest dynamic range of tone and colour possible.

With such a complete range of quality equipment and technologies available to shoot with, you can be assured whatever the conditions, style and creativity will not be compromised.

We offer complete in-house image creation from camera to print

We also operate a large format printer enabling total control of creativity and quality of very large prints. (A2+ or 17 inch wide by any length up to 25 metres).
Images via this are available on photo paper or canvas with 100+ year archival, water and fade resistant properties.

Images are also provided as high resolution images on CD and DVD.

We have also created and operate our own high bandwidth webserver and website. Enabling us to make your wedding images if you choose, available to be shared with family and friends anywehere in the world. The images on the site are large and clear and unlimited in number, and free of charge.
I know of no other photographer whom is able to provide a similar all round service.

Artistic Expertise

With formal training in photography, art, and graphic design, has meant a high standard of composition, use of shape, colour and space to portray and convey emotion and imagery on the two dimensional medium we call the photograph.

With many years experience with Photoshop and other professional software and equipment, the limitations of the artwork is limited only by imagination.

Our unique photography style creates images that capture and reflect the personalities and emotions of the day, with each image telling its own story.

We ensure the photograpy experience is lots of fun, unobtrusive and informal capturing the natural personalities of the couple, family and friends.

Your images are available as full colour, black & white, sepia, cross process effect, etc.
They are presented as both prints, and as high resolution digital files on disc.

View our portfolio or complete recent weddings photographed by clicking on the links above, or feel free to visit our studio to view our work or discuss your requirements with no obligation.
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